Cryptic script

The Thirumailai (Mylapore) station of Chennai’s elevated train system (MRTS) has this sign pointing out their reservation centre. (Despite what it says, you don’t reserve computers there: you reserve seats on trains.)

The sign is in Tamil, English and… what’s the third language?

My guess is it’s an encoded insult to Hindi.

(photo credit: my wife krithika)

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  1. That was some good guessing, i guess the sign was written on paper by someone with a really bad handwriting and transcribed into the wall by someone who did not know the language. Well, it does make an interesting picture {pat on my back :)}

  2. You replied to the emails not to the blog posting:)The email consensus was the Hindi sign is probably meant to beकम्प्यूटरीकृत यात्री आरक्षण केन्द्र तिरुमयिलै(unicode-capable browser and Devanagari font needed to view that: help here)


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