So I was wrong…

Though there have been reports of voting machine problems, my bold prediction did not come to pass. The election played out more or less as the opinion polls suggested. Democrats won a majority in the house and will very likely get one in the senate too. And Bush has reacted by dismissing Rumsfeld.

Now the question is: was the apparent lack of voting fraud because (a) the machines are secure and it was all a fuss over nothing, or (b) activists were sufficiently vigilant to prevent any hanky-panky, or (c) those clever guys at Diebold are biding their time, hoping for a lull in vigilance in 2008 — when those backdoors will really be needed?

Anyway. In May 2004, when I was in New York, an American colleague congratulated me on India’s throwing out the loony right at the polls, and hoped that his country would do the same later that year. It didn’t, but two years later I can congratulate him after all.

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