TimesJobs and other Monstrosities

Lately my wife has been getting mail from TimesJobs and Monster India, based on her profile on those sites. The trouble is, she never placed those profiles there.

The first question was, are these really from TimesJobs and Monster? The first thing one does to find out is to check the headers. Unfortunately these mails were to her hotmail account (and fortunately she doesn’t use that account much any more). And there seems to be no way to see the email headers in hotmail. Nor are the headers preserved if you forward the mails somewhere else. Thanks so much, Microsoft. No doubt this stems from your well-known concern for the naive user who may get confused by such options. It’s the same touching solicitude that you exhibited when you decided to hide filename extensions in Windows, thus allowing viruses to name themselves britney.jpg.exe and appear to be harmless pictures. Or allowed ActiveX to install spyware without confusing the user with confirmation dialogues, so that, by some reports, 89 percent of the world’s PCs are infested with spyware. But I digress.

So that failed. Next question, if these mails really are from TimesJobs and Monster, why was there no verification mail? If I register for any service whatever on the net, I thought it’s standard practice that I should receive a mail asking me for confirmation (“click this link to confirm” or “type this keyword into this webpage to confirm”). That way, someone cannot create a fraudulent account in my name, without my co-operation. Surely two leading Indian jobs sites (one of which is a branch of a multinational) would take that elementary precaution?

They don’t.

I created two bogus accounts, with fictitious names and an actual email address (one that I reserve for spam), one on each site. And there was no confirmatory mail. Both TimesJobs and Monster promptly sent me acknowledgements promising me that I would soon start getting spammed mercilessly by them. And I can’t find a “delete account” or “delete profile” button on either site. The profiles are apparently there forever.

There must be a lawsuit lurking in this somewhere, biding its time.

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  1. hi i too got an acount created in my name in timesjobs withiout my know. now i want to know how i can delete it? pls help. i don’t see any option on this websitn to delete an existing account.

  2. As far as I know, you can’t delete it. If you are sufficiently upset about it, you could consider legal action.

  3. i need delete my account in timesjobs.com how i should do

  4. hi.. even i faced this issue, to atleast get rid of mails, i removed resume and deactivated job alerts.

  5. timesjob is totaly rubish job portal! I have created naukri.com and timesjob.com, in the year 2006. from naukri.com, I got 429 profile visitor so far, whereas timesjob saying only 25 visitor! I marked timesjob.com as a spam, so that i don't have to see their any kind of communication!

  6. click spam button….that will solve the issue for ever.

  7. click spam button….that will solve the issue for ever.

  8. Actually, there is a way to view 'headers' in Hotmail. When you are in your inbox, right click on a particular message whose 'headers' you wish to view and select 'view message source'. That should do it.


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