Immoral prose

I don’t know why I keep picking on The Hindu: they’re hardly that important. But it’s hard to resist when they come up with something like this:
Ms. Patil ended her address by invoking Swami Vivekanada’s “immoral clarion call” to fellow-citizens to “Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached.”

(It also appears in the print edition.)

(President Patil’s speech was a masterclass in how to mix metaphors and recycle cliches, but I don’t think she was responsible for that description of Vivekananda’s call, or that spelling of his name.)

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  1. Someone had etched “arise, awake, for the class is over” on my desk in college.

  2. Really funny :) Reminds me of a public function where the chief guest said – arise, awake and stop until your goal is reached. It probably is one of those that are rather easy to goof up..

  3. hi,R u sure its not “immortal” but immoral as you put it?


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