The captchas are here

Some months ago I wondered whether captchas — those annoying word-image verification systems that so many blogs use — are really necessary. Well, now I know.

One of my recent, and rather widely linked, posts has attracted a huge amount of automated spam, linking to what seems to be a nasty spyware-purveying site. I have deleted perhaps 10 copies so far, but more keep coming in.

So, hello captchas, sorry commenters.

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  1. well I being a 0 techie, read this one avidly. Liked the conciseness and the content…keep up the good work…

  2. Hi RahulGot here through Nanopolitan. You should probably watch the talk of the Captcha co-inventor – Louis Von Ahn. homepage you will find other ‘games’ he has designed to harness human computation power.


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