Proper attribution

Blogger doesn’t reveal the full name in comments, only the first name[*]. A colleague who shares my first name, but outdoes me in literary venom, recently had the experience of being complained to by one of his victims that “your colleague Rahul Siddharthan” leaves such nasty comments on his (the victim’s) blog. The victim was a bit taken aback when my colleague revealed that he, not I, was responsible.

If you ever happen to writhe in your chair on reading a particularly mordant comment by “Rahul”, please first click on the blogger profile before admiring my writing skills. I don’t want to take undue credit.

[*]UPDATE: Actually that’s an option, not a feature. I notice my colleague Rahul has now altered his settings to show his full name. So have I, though my full name is much longer than his…

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  1. Ha, i think i know which Rahul you are talking about. I seriously doubt anyone will ever mistake you for him.

  2. You know my colleagues? Interesting… Email me if you like, rsidd120 at gmail.And no, we can’t be mistaken for each other in real life.

  3. Oh no, no, I meant I’ve read “Bizarro” Rahul’s comments in some blogs. (At least I *think* it’s the same Rahul :))

  4. Well, I meant my colleague. There are thousands of Rahuls of course.

  5. Why leave the victim unnamed? I am he!

  6. Anant – I didn’t fully name the perpetrator either, though it is easy to figure out for those who know us.

  7. hey! hey! please – I hope I am not ‘Bizarro Rahul’ – I am Rahul Basu of course from IMSc since rsidd has already said I am his colleague. I seem to have also appeared, willy nilly, in today’s (16 April ’08) Nanopolitan post thanks to all the letter writing I seem to be doing!

  8. more literary venom, nice :-)


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