Driving in Iran

Interesting video from LiveLeak. (Go there for further comments.)

My reaction was probably not what the posters expected: I thought to myself, how orderly the place looks, and why can’t we be like that? There are a few “interesting” moments (mostly involving buses and pedestrians), but on the whole it seems refreshingly disciplined compared to India.

I suppose that’s the danger: in India you know damn well to watch out for everybody else while you’re driving, but if you expect that most people would follow rules and it turns out that one in a hundred doesn’t, that’s a problem.

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  1. My chemistry teacher often used to point out similarities between human behaviour and molecules.What I find interesting in this video and in traffic in India in general, is how traffic “flows” like a fluid. Smaller vehicles flow around larger ones, much like water flowing around cobblestones in a stream.


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