Who are you, and what have you done with Fox?

Even if I lived in the US, I doubt I’d ever watch Fox News; here, I only see the occasional news report about the latest outrageous example of their “fair and balanced” reporting. But some recent reports have been disconcerting:

  • A Fox reporter grilling John McCain’s spokesman Tucker Bounds on how his campaign is misrepresenting Obama’s tax plan.
  • Bill O’Reilly defending Barack Obama’s use of the common American phrase “lipstick on a pig”, saying it was obviously not about Sarah Palin, criticising the McCain campaign for making an issue of it and predicting that it will backfire on them.
  • And now, Fox News sending a cease and desist to McCain’s campaign demanding that they withdraw footage of Fox correspondent Major Garrett from a campaign ad.

What’s going on? Are the reported recent political preferences of the big boss really having an effect so soon?

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  1. “Fair and balanced”, “No bias, no bull”…Everyday someone watches news on TV, an angel dies in heaven.But read about Mr. Murdoch’s preferences here.

  2. km – interesting. I didn’t know he’d flipflopped. Meanwhile, the WSJ has been lambasting McCain for saying he’d fire the SEC chairman.


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