Prawo Jazdy, Ireland’s worst driver

According to this story, someone called Prawo Jazdy was listed as having racked up speeding tickets and fines — over 50 of them — all over Ireland, but had given a different address each time and could not be traced…

(go read the article if you don’t want the punchline)

…until someone figured out that “Prawo Jazdy” is Polish for “Driving Licence”.

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  1. Hi,Came across your lovely writings/comments from other blogs I frequent. Appreciations!Btw, are you the same Rahul who used to visit NCBS and talk to Harsha? Then I am glad that I know at least one of the bloggers I like :).

  2. Yes, and I still visit NCBS (was there earlier this week) though Harsha is no longer there. Who are you?

  3. Sushama from Vijay’s lab – not sure you will recall. Now postdoc-ing at TIFR Mumbai. Nice to find you here!

  4. Thus making it the first time a joke does not portray a Pole in a poor light.

  5. ys – no, I don’t recall, but good to hear from you and do introduce yourself if we run into each other again in real life!km – well, when the joke features Poles and the Irish…

  6. Sure I will :)


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