A flatpack car?

While everyone is talking about the Tata Nano, it seems there may be some quite unexpected automobile news elsewhere in the world…

It appears that Swedish furniture firm Ikea, known for cheap flatpack furniture that you assemble at home, is shortly launching a car in France, with the support of the WWF. There is a link to that site from Ikea’s official French site, so it seems to be genuine. (Both links in French.)

No, I don’t imagine it really will be flatpack, but — given that it’s Ikea — I would be disappointed if there aren’t any revolutionary ideas.

(Spotted on HuffPo, where there a few more details in English.)

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  1. Not only would an Ikea car be flat pack, it would also be assembled using just an Alan wrench :P

  2. LOL@Lekhni’s comment :D//i would buy one – long as it had a fake, funny Swedish name.

  3. The name is “LEKO” which sounds similar to another Scandinavian item assembled by users at home…


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