How not to run an online bookstore

The point having been made, and belatedly responded to, this post and its comments are deleted. I wish the bookstore well.

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  1. Vikas, sorry for deleting your useful comments. It was not because they were inappropriate, but because the post has, I think, outlived its usefulness.

  2. Rahul, I hope that's because you have found a really good online bookstore, which is run really professionally.

  3. Vikas – no (or rather, none new — I have used several before with no bad experiences).

  4. well, you may check out LeBooks (, launched just last weekand if you feel that this constitutes self-advertising spam, then feel free to delete the comment :)

  5. No, I noticed the link in your profile and intended to check it out :)

  6. good, good!! Any feedback or criticism will be most welcome :)


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