Dizzy and Louis

Here are two of the three most influential jazz trumpeters ever: Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong.

I don’t know who the pianist and others are, what the year is (certainly post-1953 since Dizzy’s trumpet is bent) and whether these two made any other recordings together. But this pairing is particularly interesting since Dizzy, with Charlie Parker, was the founder of bebop, and Louis never embraced that style of jazz, with its “weird” chords and complicated melodies and rhythms. By 1953, however, the debate was over: bebop was mainstream jazz and Louis had become more a popular entertainer than a cutting-edge jazz musician. This song is popular entertainment, and good fun.

The third great jazz trumpeter was, of course, Miles Davis. Miles played with Dizzy in his early days, but I don’t know whether he ever played with Louis.

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  1. Hahaha. Love it. Louis is the truth, man.

  2. Thanks!BTW do you remember Dizzy performing in Delhi some time in the late 80s? We'd taped it on video and one tune is burned in my brain — wish I could find it again.

  3. Yes, I remember seeing it on TV. If you track down the tape and can digitise it, do upload it…

  4. I doubt Miles ever played with Louis Armstrong. Wasn't he – Miles – opposed to everything that Armstrong came to represent later? Sounds incredulous to us now, but I can see why….TR: Why do I think Dizzy played Delhi in the early '80s? (Google-fu fails…not ONE freaking mention on the gig. Though I did learn Dizzy was a Baha'i follower….and re-discovered that fantastic picture of Dizzy playing with snake charmers in Pakistan in 1956….what a man!)And yes, Louis is the truth :)

  5. km:the dizzy performance was in 1985 — so much i've been able to gather.and, umm, *miles* is the truth.


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