Airtel wants me to chat with young boys and girls

I saw this message after sending a text from my Airtel mobile. Words fail me.

In case the text is unreadable, it says: “SMS cost 0.30 INR Bal 452.20 INR. Mobile Chat! Call 543216 & chat with young boys & girls from Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai.” It continues, if you scroll down, “Charges at Rs 2/min.” The blue dot is the light of my computer’s webcam — the only available device I had to capture the message before it vanished.

Maybe I should give Airtel the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re not promoting paedophilia — but it sounds plenty sleazy regardless. But, just in case they are promoting paedophilia, I’m alerting some activists, as well as putting up this blog post.

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  1. Its indeed sleazy but I guess they dont mean children, but just girls and boys. Hanlon's razor can be applied I feel.

  2. Wow. Their copywriter probably thinks "chat with young boys & girls" = "hang out with people of your age".

  3. I used to get messages like "Chat with Asians"The didnt know I did that every-day :D:DBasically everyone I know around is Asian (by virtue of being India).

  4. I don’t know which type of message texing in GF plz help me


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