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I just moved the blog here from its old home. I first thought of doing it some years ago: the annoyances of blogger are too many to list here, but the immediate motivation was the complaint, from a few posters on my previous post, that their comments were not appearing or were appearing in truncated form. However, no doubt I will discover the annoyances of WordPress as time goes by. Please know me of any quirks that you encounter!

The move comes at a time when my blog was, in any case, gradually changing its flavour. I originally intended it to be a bedtime activity (hence the name) and focussed largely on interests outside my work. But I find that quite a large number of my recent posts have been science-related, and even (indirectly) work-related, and it’s quite possible that the trend will continue. (So an additional motivation is that WordPress supports LaTeX natively!) However, I will try not to lose my old readers (and I don’t even know who many of you are!)

Anyway, the first “real” post here will, once again, be on science (and on Indian science in particular). After that, let’s see.

(ps – I have also copied over all previous posts, and comments, from the old blog, for completeness. However, formatting may be messed up, for comments in particular; but the old posts should be (and should remain) unchanged. I’m uncertain on what to do about new comments on posts on the old blog: perhaps I’ll block them.

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  1. Was wondering about the long silence! So another one moves to WP, huh? Look forward to hearing if it’s really better.

  2. Rahul Siddharthan

     /  September 30, 2010

    SB – so far so good, and if it works for readers it works for me :) I’ve already changed the theme after two complaints, and no doubt will make other changes in coming days.

  3. couple of suggestions: have a latest comments widget; put long posts below the fold so older posts are available without too much scrolling down.

  4. Rahul Siddharthan

     /  September 30, 2010

    sb – thanks. Implemented the “below the fold” thing for the academies post, but will need to remember to do it in future: it doesn’t seem to be automatic. (I like the way it works now on Andrew Sullivan’s blog: the rest of the post loads “in place” on clicking, quite quickly.)

    Will do the other suggestions too, some time…

  5. priya vk singh

     /  October 10, 2012

    I read The Hindu piece on nuclear power, and reached this blog —–gives me an insight into my son’s mind —– am going to run through the archives over the next couple of weeks just to understand my son better!


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