He’s back!

Remember Shiva Ayyadurai? I’m sure you do. If not, see my previous posts [1, 2, 3] and Abi’s post that attracted over 200 comments.

He’s now back, with his old claim of having invented e-mail in 1978. He even got the Washington Post and Time to do stories about him, and gave his documents to the Smithsonian.

So I suppose the people who wrote RFC 561 were five years ahead of their time — recommending standards, in 1973, for a medium that was not invented until 1978. In fact, Ayyadurai should pick his next fight with Ray Tomlinson who claims to have sent the first network email in 1971. And when Eric Allman wrote delivermail (which evolved into the ubiquitous sendmail) in 1979, he must have been ripping off Ayyadurai.

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  1. Please refer to the above link and here is an excerpt: “Ayyadurai is convinced the Indian government isn’t through with him. He claims that it hired a team of “bloggers” and PR hatchet men to smear him across the internet. Target number one? His claim to be the father of email”
    Are you one of them, who our hero refers to. Please be careful in criticising Ayyadurai.

    • Rahul Siddharthan

       /  March 10, 2012

      Yes, the thought occurred to me. The government does indeed pay my salary, but not for this purpose.


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