Blogging, social networking, and me

I started a blog some years ago, on blogspot, mainly to talk about non-academic things.

As time went by, my blog started to talk more and more about academic/scientific matters, and I grew more and more frustrated with some shortcomings of blogspot. So I moved to wordpress and refocussed the blog.

Meanwhile, I also joined facebook, which was a useful way to share amusing links, and also to reconnect with old friends.

But, recently, I have found Google+ to be a particularly nice combination of all these features: you can share stuff, from trivial to profound; you can participate in discussions with people you don’t know; and you can follow lots of interesting conversations. The mainstream media has tended to dismiss G+ as a “ghost town”, but it has also attracted many high-profile evangelists like Guy Kawasaki and Tim O’Reilly. And as for friends, though it’s momentarily nice to say “hi” to people on FB whom I haven’t encountered for years, in the end it’s the connections in real life who matter more to me.

I never joined Twitter, and now never plan to.

Today I decided to drop off Facebook. I will post mainly academic stuff on this blog (but sometimes cross-link on Google+), and mainly non-academic original content on G+ (and sometimes cross-link it here). My G+ posts will be public. Feel free to follow and comment.

To kick it off, here’s one on Android devices.

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  1. YS

     /  May 24, 2012

    Hi Rahul, visiting your blog after a long time – first time on the wordpress version :). Hope you and family are well – not sure if you can recall that we have met at NCBS. I am now working with the undergrad programme at IISc.
    Bye for now,


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