Open letter to Dr V M Katoch

I sent the following to Dr Katoch on Monday, May 7, 2012. I haven’t received an acknowledgement.
UPDATE May 12, 2012: Please also see the petition from Nilanjan’s wife.

Dear Dr Katoch,

I am writing to you as the chairman of the Board of Governors at NIPER, Mohali. As you are aware, Dr Nilanjan Roy, who has raised concerns about financial dealings at NIPER, was dismissed from the institute recently, by the officiating director.

I know Dr Roy slightly but I do not want to judge the case. I believe that the case should be investigated impartially and thoroughly by an independent committee, and Dr Roy should be kept in his post pending such an investigation. As chairman, I urge you to take immediate steps in this direction, before further damage is caused to NIPER and to Indian science in general.

My reasons for this are the following.

1. As you are aware, NIPER has previously dismissed a scientist, Dr Animesh Roy, who had alleged misconduct on the part of another senior NIPER scientist. Reportedly [1] an inquiry committee set up by NIPER’s board found, back in 2009, that the allegations made by Dr Roy were true and he had been punished for whistle-blowing. Nevertheless, he was not re-appointed until 2011. This is a black mark against NIPER and should under no circumstance be repeated. Dr Nilanjan Roy should therefore be allowed to continue at NIPER until an inquiry by impartial and eminent scientists, unaffiliated with NIPER, is completed.

2. It is particularly a matter of concern that an officiating director should take such a step against a scientist without holding an impartial enquiry. Media reports suggest that Dr Nilanjan Roy has already appealed to you and, pending your decision, he cannot be dismissed. However, he tells me that he has already been asked to vacate the institute and his residence.

3. It appears that the people who made false charges against Dr Animesh Roy were never punished and continue to have power in NIPER. This is an extremely distressing state of affairs.

I have already made a blog posting on this affair [2]. I very much hope that, if I make a new post on this subject, it will be with some good news.

I am copying Dr Nilanjan Roy and Dr Animesh Roy on this mail.

Looking forward to your urgent reply,

With best regards

Rahul Siddharthan
(The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai; opinions above are my own.)

[1] G S Mudur, The Telegraph, 2009

UPDATE 10/5/2012: Reading the comments, it is fascinating to me how those who know Nilanjan and are defending him are doing so with their real names, while those who are attacking him are hiding behind pseudonyms.



  1. Anonymous

     /  May 9, 2012

    All absurdity. You should know the person before commenting and writing to such senior functionary as Dr Katoch. Facts are totally otherwise. DR Roy with such low integrity and low values needs no place in intellectual society.

    • Rahul Siddharthan

       /  May 9, 2012

      Dear Anonymous — you may be right but only an independent inquiry can show that. If, as I suspect, you are part of the NIPER establishment, I urge you to ask Dr Katoch to set up such an inquiry at the earliest.

      (I’m also intrigued why, in this and other cases, so many vociferous defenders of the establishment want to stay anonymous. Why not use your real name?)

  2. anonymous

     /  May 9, 2012

    Hello Dr. Siddharthan,

    I am not associated with NIPER, but I read different posts from Dr. Roy recently in his blog. I realized that Dr. Roy is in pain and I morally support him. I also read your email to Chairman BOG and your previous blog about this case. I have few things to point out here, and I hope you take them positively.
    1. It seems that Dr. Roy is associated with NIPER for a decade or so. He must have graduated many students, who know him best. In the petition against his dismissal, it does not look like his students are supporting him, why? Even there are no anonymous comments in his blogs where people directly linked to him (his students/scientific staff) are supporting him.
    2. Why NIPER faculty (except few) are not coming to support him?
    3. Your email/blog is connecting two cases together which happened in NIPER regarding suspension or dismissal of scientists. It seems that you are generalizing both the cases, but to my knowledge, both the cases are independent.
    4. It seems from Dr Roy’s blog that everything is mess in NIPER. But it is hard to believe why a single person (or few) is coming in front? Why students/scientific staff/BOG are silent?
    5. Why Dr. Roy is seeking favour from those who don’t know what is going on in NIPER (like us)?
    6. Did you talk to any of his student or faculty in NIPER before making any decision?

    PS: The reason I am anonymous is because I doubt I will be in such blog with all negative news and perhaps allegations.


  3. ari

     /  May 9, 2012

    I agree with “anonymous 2”.


     /  May 9, 2012

    You are anonymous because you are scared. Same is the situation with other who are scared. You know very well the situation of students. Anything they support against the system hit them very badly. We have very few people who can be upright and talk against the system (read corruption). We have a very strong example for NIPER. Dr. Animesh Roy dismissed for the wrong reason and he had to go through pain for several years to come back and prove that he was right! Nothing happens to the decision makers even if they are wrong! How many people has guts to take this pain? Do you have? Dr. Nilanjan Roy is taking this pain and he is not asking your favor. He is asking for an independent assessment not injustice. Are you scared because the truth may reach you!!!!!

    • Anonymous

       /  May 9, 2012

      Already independent enquiry has been conducted, to my understanding.

  5. nk

     /  May 9, 2012

    I like the idea of indepedent inquiry. But it looks like people are making decisions based on emotion in this case. Its funny that people are supporting Dr. Roy because they have received apple products from him in past. This way it may go against Dr Roy. We have to rather focus on reality by knowing both perspectives. We are not here to decide right or wrong through blogging. We can just ask for idependednt inquiry. I wish Dr Roy is back soon to the science!

  6. knowmics

     /  May 9, 2012

    Dear Rahul, the anonymous guy is fibbing, from the comments he made I can identify him. He told the same thing about me to many people at NIPER. He is a senior professor of NIPER and part of the GANG. He knows very well since when I started protesting against corruption and mal practices of NIPER, name of the persons to whom I made complains.
    He was furious when I send complains about NIPER to DOP and HRD, he asked me to send complains about Mohali roads to PMO.
    Since we are in the same institute for long time, we know each other well. He creates fictions ID and post comment.
    The inquiry he is talking about — 1st inquiry officer was 72 yers old finance secretary and involved in lottery scam and second inquiry officer was also charge sheeted and chosen candidate of Officiating Director.
    To make it short, I have answer of all of his questions with documentary proof. If he discloses his ID I am willing to show him all the document and debate face to face in presence of Rahul Siddharthan (hope he has no doubt about your integrity) and any other Indian scientist of his choice. I am even ready to pay the expenses of all four of us for Delhi meeting. Hope he have enough guts to face the same. I do not like anonymity, I am proud to pronounce my name publicly
    Nilanjan Roy

  7. Dr. Santanu Dasgupta

     /  May 9, 2012

    please note down my name and email id and send me an email if need my phone number to talk.
    Nilanjan was my junior in the University and was a gold medalist of the University. His honesty and integreity was always unquestionable (i am not meaning not to ask a question now but should that not be from someone out of the system?). Dr. Roy is always been the most bright and intillegent scientist. His only one problem is, he is brave, direct and call a spade always as a spade. By doing so, he made many of us unhappy many times. He is not a practical guy in todays world. I personally given him advice so many times to learn how to close his eyes when he sees something wrong!!! But he trust his spine and wanted to be straight and strong. He can get a job anytime anywhere, may be bettet than his current job but he does not want to run away and I support him here. It would be not fair for me to comment on NIPERs internal matter but by network in govt system tells me NIPER did not really earn good names in recent days!! I think a neutral investigation should take place what should

    • Dr. Santanu Dasgupta

       /  May 9, 2012

      My last comment was posted incomplete:
      …….a neutral investigation should take place what should address all the allegations against Nilanjan but it should also address the issues he raised. I would like any comment in reply to my comment with an identity please. I understand if you are working at NIPER but otherwise one should not be sacred as by joining this discussion you are not commiting a crime, you are helping a healthy discussiob for a causr

      • Rahul Siddharthan

         /  May 9, 2012

        Dear Santanu — thank you for the first meaningful and informative comment so far.

  8. Avengers

     /  May 9, 2012

    Students are silent bcoz they are scared as their future rests in hands of faculty members….they have to pass out and take degree rather then they will support for this cause.
    Staff is on contract service for 5 years…they are scared of any kind of disciplinary action or may be loosing their jobs.
    Faculty members who do not support are either the allies of management or do not want to be a part of this mess.

  9. knowmics

     /  May 10, 2012

    Charges against Dr. Nilanjan Roy based on which dismissal is ordered.

    I would like to state that based on the fictitious inquiry report conducted by prejudiced inquiry officer, current officiating director imposed penalty of dismissal from service vide order no F.1-16(8)/2011/Estt./343 Dated 20/04/2012 and withdrawal of facility by subsequent office order no F.1-16(8)/2011/Estt./323 Dated 20/04/2012 with immediate effect.

    Punishment imposed by officiating director on Dr. Roy is rediculous to the charges fabricated. Dismissal generally ordered for gravest of the grave act like dowry death, rape or disproportionate asset worth crores of rupees.

    Perusal of the charged framed proved the fact undoubtedly.

    I & II Attempt to embezzle money by delayed submission of TA bill, During the framing of charges there no bill outstanding, bills were settled in 2009 and charges framed in 2011. None of the witness or documents presented in the inquiry proves that Dr. Roy had delayed adjustment of TA bill intentionally; it can be merely a technical irregularity.

    III Non submission of answer scripts, NIPER director and senate chairman never communicated to Dr. Roy any direction regarding disposal of the same after his complain lodged in Aug 2009 till the framing of charges.

    IV Deliberately not marking attendance, charges could not sustain.

    V Suspension of the class, document presented in the inquiry and deposition of witness proves conclusively that manpower assistance was absolutely necessary for the course. Ex-Dean and F&AO deliberately prevented recruitment of manpower in the pretext of funds though sufficient funds (2.10 lakhs) were available.

  10. vinagg

     /  May 10, 2012

    Dr Roy is a honest person (hope we all are right), but his PR towards his students was pathetic and deplorable. He never had any remorse on how he used to treat his students (what goes around come around).That’s why he is standing alone and none of his students and his peers wants to have any association with him on this matter. People with great scientific knowledge should also inculcate good humanism and compassion and that’s how you gain respect and confidence from your counterparts and your juniors.

    “A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble”.

    PS: May be the negative vibes from his students has caused all this. I do hope and pray that he comes out clean and becomes a better human being. Since he has children, i hope he realizes the pain that his students have gone thru after he had treated them in a shabby and shoddy manner.

    In the end i hope (not for him but his family) that he should be back…

  11. anonymous

     /  May 10, 2012

    Scientific community should support truth. Charges against Dr. Roy based on which dismissal is ordered (as indicated by him) are surely not gravest of the grave. They look very superficial to me (as per information provided by Dr Roy). He should not be treated like this based on just few mistakes (if any). I am also a scientist (and now a layman) and I think in my long career there are many mistakes which might have happened unknowingly. Simple examples are non-compliance to safety protocols by students/staff, un-deliberate plagiarism (particularly when student writes manuscripts) (recent examples of Dr. CNR Rao), etc. In all these cases, I am responsible because it is my lab, and I duly apologise for those. In such cases, if someone wants to raise them I might be a soft target.
    I was a bit surprised to read Dr Roy’s justification about the inquiry officers, i.e., “1st inquiry officer was 72 yers old finance secretary and involved in lottery scam and second inquiry officer was also charge sheeted and chosen candidate of Officiating Director.” How does he know about these officers? If he has proofs, why did he collect these documents against the inspecting officers rather than defending his case based on true facts???? I may be straightforward here but if Dr. V M Katoch (unfortunately) does not take Dr. Roy’s favor, is Dr Katoch the next target in the blog?
    I pray Indian science comes in the news for its positive contributions. We should look forward and educate our next generation in an open and positive culture.

  12. Anonymous

     /  May 10, 2012

    Well, He did have a bad PR with his students, primarily due to his attitude. He lacked humility and a sense of consideration. There is no doubt in the fact that he is an honest, brilliant and a good scientist. I would advise Dr. Nilanjan to be more humble, modest and a bit diplomatic ( tough one!) in his approach to weed out the anomalies in the Institute. Mr. Gandhi, Nehru and all other great figures are known for their diplomatic skills. Once dr. Nilanjan imbibes or inculcates these skills within his personality, there would be nothing that can fend him off his objectives. So, very clearly speaking: Dr. Nilanjan , Please go and meet your students and ask for their support as you need it before other students can support you. You have spend so many years with them and I am sure that you can convince them and bring them to your support! I hope you take it as a humble advise.

    My Best Wishes for you and your family. I am sure that something exceptionally good will come out of your struggle.

  13. Anonymous

     /  May 10, 2012

    I hope you ( Dr. Nilanjan Roy) read the above post and understand it in the right sense! I know all of your students and they will surely come to your call. :)

  14. Sumit Deswal

     /  May 10, 2012

    I am Sumit Deswal, former student of Dr Nilanjan Roy. I did my masters from NIPER in 2004-2006. I want to put my perspective on the discussion here. Some of the people have commented or asked why Dr Roy’s former students have not come in his support and taken this argument against him. To my understanding, when I finished my masters from NIPER, there was no case of this sort. All this mess came afterwards. Most of my classmates and the students who finished one year before or after me are now either finishing their PhD thesis or starting their new postdoc positions and/or are getting married (means busy in personnel life). And as a matter of fact, most of Dr Roy’s students are pursuing PhD/postdoc abroad (I can give you exact details if anyone wants). Just to tell about myself, I fInished my PhD from Max Planck Institute in Germany last month and will be starting my postdoc from next month in a new country and on a completely new project (bit stressed for that). Why I am telling all this is, under these conditions it has not been possible to follow all the details on Dr Roy’s case (and anyways its not possible to know the internal matters accurately). It is completely non-scientifc and illogical to ask students like us to give opinion on this matter. We can give opinion only on our interaction with Dr Roy during our time at NIPER, as some of the students whom I asked about this case, they had no idea about what is going on.
    So here I give my opinion on Dr Roy based on my two years interaction with him (2004-2006). He has been a great teacher and motivating factor for me. He expected quite a lot from his students, but its up to the students how they take it. Some might take it as stress others might take as motivation. For me it is a confidence boosting thing if my teacher is expecting from me. His success as a teacher is clear from the fact that most of his master students did/are doing PhD from reputed institutes in USA or Europe. Somebody has advised him to be diplomatic, but it is just the nature of the person and has nothing to do with the facts of the dismissal case. The case should be enquired by independent people as suggested by others here, and decision can be made only by such enquiry committee after knowing the details. I am no one to say any decision. At personal level I support him and hope he will be soon back to science.

  15. PC

     /  May 10, 2012

    I agree with Sumit Deswal

  16. Anonymous but Unbiased Opinion!

     /  May 11, 2012

    NIPER is a good institute and so are the students that go there to gain training. As far as the career growth of students in concerned, every faculty in NIPER is successful and so is Dr. Nilanjan Roy. The institute has some grave problems and it is good that things are coming into limelight with persistent efforts of Dr. Nilanjan. But this does not imply that he is free to do mudslinging on senior faculty members of NIPER. The ultimate decision on who is corrupt and who’s not should come out from an independent inquiry and he should abstain from making unworthy remarks on senior and reputed scientists of NIPER. On a personal note, Dr. Nilanjan should also correct his egocentric and inconsiderate attitude . At last I would still say that the grounds on which he is being dismissed seem to be baseless and I am sure that he will be reinstated very soon so there is no point in indulging on making cheap remarks out of frustration!!!

    • knowmics

       /  May 12, 2012

      Work Culture @NIPER
      I know the work culture at NIPER, it is really not conducive to do good research. Some senior faculties rule the NIPER and expect the junior faculties side with them whether their actions are right or wrong. If you are not one of them you are outcasted and face lot of trouble. I had very bad experience at NIPER which made me to come back to the USA. During that year (2007) alone three young faculties left the NIPER. I am saddened to hear the news that still the bad work culture continues and getting worst now. I request the BOG should take some action and improve the working environment at NIPER.-
      Dhanasekaran Muthu

      Shattered Dreams
      I had joined NIPER with a dream of great scientific research, but my experience was really bitter. Because of some people in the senior faculty, the institute has deteriorated much. Somebody else takes the credit for your research, and you have to compromise with your work, your ethics-
      Arvind Saklani,

      The Review Committee perused the statements/depositions of Prof. Saranjit Singh, who stated that, “he does not want to make any comment about the academic performance of Dr. Animesh Roy and once we decided to terminate him, it does not matter whether he is good or outstanding scientist or bad. So accordingly we terminated his services. Dr. Animesh Roy is a short tempered person and had hurt our egos, as he doesn’t respect us. He further suggested that if Dr. Animesh Roy services are reinstated based on his academic strength – he will support only on one condition that, he may be appointed in any other new NIPER, but not in NIPER, Mohali. However, if his services are reinstated in NIPER, Mohali, we four people will resign from NIPER under protest, as we can not tolerate him or his presence in NIPER, Mohali at any cost.”
      This above statement of Prof. Saranjit Singh was an eye opener for the Committee as it was a out burst of his ego which leads to objectivity, when the person with this type of mind set can never be objective.
      (Ombudsmen Committee report, Page#78, para 18)

  17. Anonymous

     /  May 12, 2012

    bhutani haisa haramjada koi na

  18. Anonymous but Unbiased Opinion!

     /  May 12, 2012

    Faculties leave from every institute! NIPER has proved itself to be a cornerstone Institute in Pharma research in India. This becomes very clear from the ubiquitous presence of NIPER alumnus throughout the world. The senior faculty present at NIPER have put in a lot of efforts in establishing the institute right from scratch. A new faculty has to be considerate and take hierarchy into account and this rule applies to every good institute. Perhaps one needs to introspect himself before indulging in mudslinging. Dr. Saklani was and is an amazing researcher and he was thoroughly involved in all the activities of NIPER. It is indeed unfortunate that he had to leave this institute due to some reasons. However I dont see any reason to blame senior and reputed person like Prof. Saranjit Singh. I have been in NIPER and I place Prof. Saranjit as one of the most distinguished and organised faculties in the institute. If he comes to open blogging, I am sure he would get a massive student following which is lacking in case of ” Knowmics” blog!!! Is the person who is criticising/(blogging about) such reputed scientist, was never lousy or arrogant in his behaviour towards students???
    In the end, I am sure that Dr. Nilanjan will be reinstated as his dismissal lacks a solid ground.

  19. Rahul Siddharthan

     /  May 12, 2012

    Nilanjan — You have quoted D Muthu and A Saklani on your blog so I will leave those quotes here too, but you are responsible for their accuracy as well as for ensuring that you have their permission to post those quotes.

    All — yes, Nilanjan may not have handled things optimally, but even if one accepts that, many here agree that the charges against him are flimsy and don’t merit dismissal. Can I request that all those who feel that way write to Katoch with their real names? And let’s not get into discussions of why so-and-so left NIPER earlier and who was responsible and so on. Clearly NIPER has problems — the previous case of Dr Animesh Roy, and the quote from the report that Nilanjan provides above (partially quoted also in The Telegraph, linked in my main post), are sufficient evidence of this.

    • knowmics

       /  May 13, 2012

      For all nymous & anonymous guys & gals,

      “If you find my stories dirty, the society you are living in is dirty. With my stories, I only expose the truth” Saadat Hasan Manto.

      OVER & OUT

  20. I criticise criticisms!

     /  May 13, 2012

    Activism, blackmailing and science:

    There are enough examples of blackmailing by activists, and science is not untouched by these ugly cases ( My call to all those scientists who believe on sensationalizing things by hyping petite issues and getting advantage out of it, is “mind your business” is still the best mean to make your presence shown in long term. Your work speaks! In science you are independent to explore and show your creativity. No one can stop you dreaming, please stop leg-pulling and be self-critical. If one indulges himself or herself in this business, there are many (more experienced ones) to reply back. As a teacher and a scientist you can leave enduring legacy for generations to follow. Activism intends to change emperors but good education changes generations.

  21. Technocrat

     /  May 13, 2012

    Nobody questions the distinguish-ness of the concerned senior faculty Prof. Saranjit Singh, as mentioned by the anonymous but unbiased opinion-maker. But some points needs to be put into this ongoing debate: How did this distinguished senior faculty did not have a second faculty member in his department, since it’s nearly a decade of existence? Why the courses run by him, as only faculty member, in his department are not recognized by the Pharmacy Council of India? What made him to make such derogatory, libelous and non-scientific comment about Dr Animesh Roy? How did he go on to support another so-called senior faculty member, who has committed his professional hara-kiri by indulging in plagiarism, while victimising Dr Animesh Roy? How did he transfer his group-member for over a decade and recently, the best employee-award winning staff member of NIPER to another department the very next day? All these actions show his interest in non-scientific issues in equal dexterity, if not more? Isn’t it time for this senior faculty member to introspect also? In conclusion, all these respected senior faculty members has shown their starling performance for the nearly two decades of NIPER’s existence and its now time for these senior faculty members to pass on the mantle to their immediate juniors. And they should act as their true mentor / adviser in spirit towards further growth of this centre of excellence.

    • Anonymous but Unbiased Opinion!

       /  May 13, 2012

      Dear Mr. Technocrat! Nobody can question distinguishness of a senior scientist from NIPER. On the contrary , it was the mudslinging rhetoric adopted by ” knowmics” that I was referring to! This kind of approach simply cannot work. Its cheap and stinks of frustration. Now coming to your second point: Well! It only means that Prof. Saranjit has considerably high standards and there is real dearth of new talent coming back to India. One cannot and should not recruit just for the sake of filling vacant positions. Your next point regarding courses is just as baseless. It only points towards the innovative and new courses introduced by him. NIPER was not a dream project by PCI so they should be least bothered by this issue as they can add these courses in their old lists and I hope they do so!!!
      Any remarks about dr. Animesh are just blown out of context to feed to frustration of knowmics! Transfers and postings are a regular procedure which is a routine in many institutes and prestigious companies throughout the world. There is no purpose in cribbing about these small issues.
      Isn’t a scientist supposed to be dextrous? What is knowmics doing btw? He even didnt spare Dr. Rao, who is one of the founders of this institute and is a widely respected figure by all of us. Mr Knowmics is hellbent on tarnishing the image of NIPER which is affecting the alumni everywhere! He has more skeletons in his closet and he should better take time in managing himself well!!! It seems that all his verbal rhetoric ( insidious blackmail) is finished and he is finally ” Over and Out”?
      We are no one to instruct the faculty of NIPER to pass the batons. They have already done that as is evident from a highly trained and skilled NIPER alumnus in all the facets of pharmaceutical research. I would advise knowmics to focus on progressing rather than lamenting charges on virtually all the faculty members of this excellent institute. There are better forums than blogging to settle the disputes of disgruntled employees.

  22. Dr. Neeraj Kumar from NIPER Mohali

     /  May 13, 2012

    Dear Friends,

    I “Dr. Neeraj Kumar” am faculty at NIPER and I know Dr. Nilanjan very well. He is very vocal and upright to expose any type of corruption irrespective weather people like or not. He has saved more than one crore in two items because he was in that committee which is also duly recognized in parliament as well through un-starred question. Regarding his suspension, I am witness for whole things. As per NIPER statutes which is created in parliament, we are governed by CCS conduct rules and our appointing authority is BOG NIPER not the director/off. director NIPER. I have many things to say but his appeal is pending.

    Regarding the anonymous, his authenticity is proved as he/she is writing continuously in the same form without exposing his identity. It could be better if he should speak by real name. It is surprising, he is citing many things about ex-dean NIPER who is running his own department single handed since the creation of the department though NIPER ordinance needs atleast three faculty for the evaluation of the thesis from the same department along with Dean’s NOMINEE from out side. He is so productive that he is busy in many important committees since the beginning of NIPER including Senate, APDC and whatever possible related to expenditure as well. Recently, many complaints are filed against him for corruption to Ministry, Visitor of NIPER, and BOG. Very recently, Honorable court has issued a notice to him being a selection committee member of current Registrar which is changed in Honorable High Court (Kindly see “A biped against corruption for full detail).

    There are many things are going on in NIPER and we pray to GOD that it should not go to long which is essential for safety/glory of NIPER.

  23. anonymous

     /  May 13, 2012

    Dear Rahul,

    Don’t you think this is a nice example of “leg pulling”?

    • Rahul Siddharthan

       /  May 13, 2012

      I don’t know what you are referring to, but in my opinion the anonymous comments so far have only entertainment value. The non-anonymous comments, on the other hand, are quite unambiguous.

  24. Anonymous but Unbiased Opinion!

     /  May 13, 2012

    The situation is quite serious and We pray to God that it gets solved as soon as possible!

  25. Anonymous

     /  May 14, 2012

    this anonymous is a bastad and we all know who this chor is . I being a faculty of niper loudly say Dr. Roy is innocent and These gang of four ( a peice of shits) they should be hanged naked under the fire. I am sure the day is not far.

  26. Anonymous

     /  May 14, 2012

    Both friend and foe of Dr. Roy; almost everybody, working or associated with NIPER wants to be anonymous.
    Are the publishing scientific papers & patents as anonymous too?
    May be a Bhatnagar award will be given to an anonymous scientist of NIPER in future?

    I also want to be anonymous. For for the sake of an experience, how it feels to be an anonymous.

  27. Anonymous

     /  May 14, 2012

    Saranjit Sing is a corrupt person, he used 11th five year plan money, he procured chemicals (two impurity standards) from M/S Ind Swift Labs, Panchkula for Rs. 8 lacs and sold the same to the United States Pharmacopeia for Rs. 21 lacs, profit of 13 lacs on the sale. He has submitted a claim under the disguise of consultancy services of NIPER a share of the profit under advisory as well as research consultancy. It is clear that Prof. Saranjit Singh has gravely misused his official position and his act is against CCS Rule

  28. Rahul Siddharthan

     /  May 14, 2012

    OK, I think the comments are no longer constructive (if they ever were). I am closing them now. For those who want to make allegations against individuals, please document them and make them properly, not anonymously on my blog. For now, I want to state that I do not endorse any opinion expressed above except my own. But I am also considering deleting some of the comments.

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