The Transit of Venus, in the language of your choice!

Venus will come between the Earth and the Sun on June 6, 2012. There are many ways to learn about this, but via Niruj Mohan Ramanujam (text) and Reshma Barwe (illustrations), of NCRA, Pune, comes a graphic novel. It is available for free download and distribution under a Creative Commons licence. And, thanks to several translators, it is available in Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, Persian, Spanish, Italian, and French, with more on the way. Have fun.

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  1. What an idea Sirji! Congrats to to Ramanujam, Barwe and team for implementing this. Thanks for posting. Vijay

  2. guru

     /  June 7, 2012

    This was a good laudable effort. I wondered if the graphic cartoons could have been in colour. My kids were excited and at IIT/K the astronomy club had organized nice telescopes and pinholes to have this viewing. Some of us even shot this using extremely archaic cameras! May be they should be encouraged to do more!


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