Recursively completely wrong

If the previous Republican US President came to define “miserable failure” according to our benevolent overlord Google, the current Republican candidate is the perfect picture of being completely wrong.

But the interesting thing is the rapid evolution of the search results since the meme hit the net. Some of the images are of Google image searches. And one of those includes an image of a Google search! (circled in red)

An image of a search inside an image of a search inside an image of a search. And perhaps it goes even deeper, but the screen resolution doesn’t permit seeing it.

According to Google, Romney is not just completely wrong. He is completely wrong at every level.

Another (and probably last) article on nuclear power and Kudankulam

In response to much feedback I received, on this blog and elsewhere, here is another article on nuclear power and Kudankulam, in today’s Hindu.

I’ll sit back and watch the discussion now, and let the real experts speak!