I don’t think I mentioned it on this blog earlier, but my institute turned 50 last month, and a three-day conference started today to commemorate that fact. Today was filled with interesting reminiscences (that are still going on); I particularly enjoyed the presentation by Krishnaswamy Alladi, son of the institute’s founder Alladi Ramakrishnan, on the Theoretical Physics Seminar started by his father in Chennai in the 1950s that attracted eminent scientists from around the world and eventually led to the founding of this institute.

I joined here in 2004, when it was already over 40 years old and well-established on the Indian scene. It has been through its ups and downs in all those years, some of which were alluded to by former director E C George Sudarshan in his speech, but — as Krishnaswamy Alladi said — today was a day to remember the good things. And to think ahead.

There are several interesting scientific talks lined up tomorrow and the day after: feel free to attend if you are in town.

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