More nonsense about the neutrino observatory

Dianuke, with its useful idiots like VT Padmanabhan and its knowledgeable but completely unethical activists like — well, ok, I named one guy on the facebook version of this post, but am leaving out the name here — is spreading a rumour that the India-based Neutrino Observatory is going to be used as a nuclear waste storage site. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of science knows this is complete nonsense, but the Padmanabhans are free to spread their nonsense and their educated friends will let them do it as long as it suits their purposes (one of them said as much in a previous conversation on facebook — he sees it as free speech, or something). Meanwhile, for those who care, here is the INO’s press release on this issue.

(Why do I call VT Padmanabhan a useful idiot? For the useful part, see how he is being used, and for the idiot part, read his previous writings on INO and on nuclear power, eg on countercurrents. Eg, the INO doesn’t use natural neutrinos which are passing through you in the billions this very minute, but neutrinos generated in Fermilab which are dangerous! I refuse to link. But he is enabled by people on sites like dianuke and countercurrents who know better but don’t care as long as it suits their agenda.)

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  1. Where do people find the fuel to keep this issue burning? Because I know the INO’s done its share of campaigning to convince people that the site’s not going to host any harmfully radioactive substance. I was also recently forwarded a press statement from IMS saying the environmental clearance application for the project was classified by the TN government under NPPs.


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